Corporate Team Builder

[pullquote align=”right”]Get the team playing like a team[/pullquote]

SoccerFit Corporate Team Builder

SoccerFit has everything needed to help your team ‘click’ and pull together to deliver outstanding results :

  •      Leadership roles – all participants get the chance to be ‘captain’
  •      Communication dynamics – Assertive, Passive, Group
  •      Methodical preparation for optimal performance
  •      Channelling individual excellence for the good of the team
  •      Tactical and strategic group discussion
  •      Handling pressure
  •      Fast decision-making

Making Arrangements – we do the hard part…


SoccerFit Corporate packages can be organised at short notice with the following typical arrangements -:

  • Sessions to be held at a nearby location (Indoor or outdoor) – leave this to us.
  • Agree a target day and time and nominate a start date
  • Initial Duration – 10 weeks (people may join mid-programme)
  • We will provide an accredited trainer to run the show
  • Let everyone know – publicise it via email, social committee channels, noticeboards, blogs, wikis, memos, newsletters
  • No requirement to collect ‘cash’ – all payments via online methods.